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Greetings and fairydust

Posted in Sugarland by emosuitcase on July 19, 2009

After months of silence, I’m back with a new artwork! *throws confetti* The past months made me and Mel busy as a bee but I hope that I’ll produce more artworks in the future. No more creative block please! This is Stella and she is a sea fairy. She likes to soak in a teacup hot bath.

stella likes to swim

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Posted in Menagerie by emosuitcase on January 28, 2009

They found love in the sea of stars.

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Air Oso

Posted in Menagerie by emosuitcase on January 20, 2009

Oso is getting tired of the feeling of constraint. He had too much of hugs and kisses. Since he had satisfied the need of the others, he wishes to satisfy his own desire. He desires to fly.

This artwork is for Mel <3.


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The Corporate Octopus

Posted in Menagerie by emosuitcase on January 18, 2009

He likes wearing his yellow ribbon but he doesn’t like hearing sappy stories about love that’s why it poo-poos hearts. Sigh.

pattern from sxc.hu


A vain but hardworking octopus.

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