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I know it’s been a long time. I guess tumblr is easier to handle than wordpress. Tumblr is very charming too and it has lots of themes to choose from. Now, I’m thinking of what am i going to do with this account. Anyway, here is my new account at tumblr. http://emosuitcase.tumblr.com please do add me! 😀


Birthday Girl

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As of now, some of our fellow country men have to start from scratch due to the bad weather last Saturday and it is still raining. I do hope everyone is fine. Grr. I’m too distracted to think of an interesting title.

And she thought love is all that she needs.

Thank you!

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It is time to say thank you to the people who took their time to appreciate this blog :D. Thank you!

Tear Party

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Work is starting to pile up so I didn’t get the chance to finish this drawing last week. Happy birthday Mel! ❤

Feeling empty, she celebrates loneliness.

Honey Buns

Posted in Sugarland by emosuitcase on August 24, 2009

My aunt made some cake doughnuts for me. I thought I could share it with someone but I never had the chance so I ate the 3 dozens of  doughnuts for a week. Breakfast, lunch, dinner including the in-between meals. I just hope I could gain more weight. Now, I just have to train my little pale hands when it comes to kneading the dough! I need to make some more doughnuts!

I miss the smell of cinnamon.

honet buns


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Death Cab For A Cutie’s Grapevine Fires is one of my current favorite songs. Listening  to it made me feel kind of gloomy so I made this artwork about grapes (Heh, how literal XD). If you haven’t seen the video, click this link.

Bitter Berry

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I liked eating strawberry ice cream when I was a kid. It is sweet and milky so I had this thought that all strawberries were sweet. When my mom and I went north, I had this chance of buying a pack from Baguio’s wet market. The shiny red color tricked me! I was disappointed. Blah, it tasted sour.

bitter berries

Maybe, the strawberry is just feeling ill.

Dear Summer

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I really want to go to the beach T-T and lie down and watch the clouds move. It’s been years  since I had fun at the beach. It was almost 9 years! T-T… Last time, I was ready to go but unfortunately swine flu ruined my plans T-T so I’m stuck and sad. Oh yeah, everything is ruined. So F*** Summer.

I hope my next plan in life goes well. Wish me luck.

Love has its sunny days too and yeah, I have to make something for the rainy days.

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The Cookie Ride

Posted in Sugarland by emosuitcase on July 28, 2009

I love Marie biscuit and its red wrapper because it reminds me of my warm afternoons playing with my friends and my grandmother who chased us with a broom if we failed to get home on time.


Cookies are magical 🙂

Greetings and fairydust

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After months of silence, I’m back with a new artwork! *throws confetti* The past months made me and Mel busy as a bee but I hope that I’ll produce more artworks in the future. No more creative block please! This is Stella and she is a sea fairy. She likes to soak in a teacup hot bath.

stella likes to swim

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